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How to Peer Review a DAFG Article

Published onNov 20, 2020
How to Peer Review a DAFG Article

Tips for Peer Reviewing an Article on PubPub

Step 1: You will receive a link from the Editorial Board for the article that you have been selected to review. If you have not already signed up or logged in to PubPub, please do so or you will not be able to leave comments on the article. If this is a blind review, do not change the author name to keep the review anonymous. The Editorial Board will notify you of the type of review you will be doing (double blind, blind, open, etc.).

Step 2: To leave comments or suggestions, highlight the text and click on the “double chat box” icon.

Step 3: A comment box will appear in the right margin. You can type in your comments and feedback directly into the comment box.

Step 4: You can also add overall comments in the “Comments” discussion box at the end of the publication, under License.

Step 5: When you are finished with your review, click on the “Request Publication” button at the top of the page.

Step 6: Please ensure that your review is conducted in a timely and ethical manner.

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