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How To Submit an Article for Review

Published onNov 20, 2020
How To Submit an Article for Review

Step 1: Write your article in accordance with journal policy. Does your article and/or dataset support or further one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Are you using data in a way that is in harmony with the UN Goals? Have you made appropriate acknowledgments and attribution for your scholarly work? Then, you’re ready to submit!

Step 2: Make sure your article is saved in one of the following formats: .docx, .epub, .html, .md, .odt, .txt, .xml, or .tex.We prefer .docx or .xml. *Please note that .pdf files cannot be imported, but they can be attached as a Media file (see Step 6). 

Step 3: Login to Sign up for an account with PubPub if you haven’t already done so. 

Step 4: Click on the Submissions tab on the home page and then click on the “Submit Here” button. 

Step 5: Change the title of your publication and add the authors by clicking on the pencil icon. If you have already logged in to your account, your name will automatically be listed as an author. 

Step 6: Import your file by clicking on the dark grey “Import Files” button. You can also simply cut and paste the text in the box, similar to a Google Doc or write the journal article into the text box. We request that you also attach a .pdf or .docx by clicking on the Media button and selecting “Other,” and uploading your file(s) as an attachment. 

Step 7: Click on the “Request Publication” button, followed by the “Create Review” button. Once you’ve submitted your article, the editorial board will submit it to peer review. 

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